George A. Johnson


George A. Johnson began filmmaking at an unusually young age. As a 3-year-old, he would create stories with toy action figures, and act them out, positioning various characters throughout the room. Rather than playing along, Johnson's childhood friends would often prefer to watch and see how the stories would unfold. At age 7, Johnson purchased his first 8mm film camera at a yard sale, and began writing scripts, and producing short films, even experimenting with in-camera effects. Coming from humble beginnings, Johnson could rarely afford to purchase film for his camera, so most of his stories were never actually recorded. He just wound the camera up, and listened to it buzz as he shot his choreographed scenes with friends, as well as his little brother, Ben Johnson (who later starred in Johnson's first feature film, Dreamer: The Movie (2004)). When he was 13, George purchased his first video camera with money that he had saved from delivering newspapers, and he continued to write and shoot short films throughout high school. He finished his first feature length screenplay at age 17. After graduating from the Hollywood Scriptwriting Institute, Johnson began working in television and video, where he continued to excel as a writer, director, and producer, as well as a visual effects artist. Since beginning his full-time work in television and video in 1998, Johnson has written, directed, and produced over 1,200 regional, national, and international commercials, as well as countless interactive DVD projects, music videos, and short films. He has also directed hundreds of live television programs. In 2000, he decided to embark upon his first feature length project, Dreamer: The Movie (2004), using nothing more than ordinary consumer video equipment. The goal of the experimental film was to prove that anybody with a video camera, a computer, and a basic editing program has a voice that can be heard around the world. (YouTube was not yet an Internet sensation at the time). Johnson had established himself since childhood with such tools, and with the advancements in technology, it had been a longtime dream of his to see of a feature could be accomplished with them. Dreamer: The Movie (2004) opened in select US theaters in Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, and Iowa. 600 people showed up for the world premier showing showing in Ionia, MI on New Year's Eve, 2004. Every theater that booked the movie extended their showings by as much as a week or more. The film won two film festivals; one regional & one international. It received positive reviews from both American & Canadian film critics, and in June 2005, it was picked up for worldwide distribution by Illuminare Entertainment. After the release of Dreamer: The Movie (2004) (ultimately a "hobby project") Johnson returned to his "real" job - a Production Manager at a little Television Station in Northern Ohio. But it wasn't long before the itch for producing features became too overwhelming to ignore, and, in 2009, he produced his second feature, Homeless for the Holidays (2009). He and his wife, Karen Johnson, are now working full-time as film producers, and have three more projects in development.


Movie Name Release Date
God Bless the Broken Road September 7, 2018